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        We are a premier, "all inclusive," company specializing in providing expert corporate event planning  with one-stop-shopping for motivational speakers.  We strive to be the most respected and successful leaders in our business renowned for excitement, performance, abundant thinking and quality. The soul of our success lies in bringing together exceptionally talented people , and empowering all of us to think and act creatively.

      finding the perfect keynote speakers, sales trainers, leadership trainers, business leaders ? We can help you. Our program specialists are the most knowledgeable in the industry and  are eager to assist you with your decision. They'll guide you based on the type of event you're hosting, your audience's needs and of course within your budget constraints. There is never a charge for consulting.   

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Gloria Mayfield Banks is best described as “Energy in Motion!?She is an international motivational speaker and sales trainer and a communications consultant.

Bold & Intentional Conference Set
Limited quanity of Bold and Intentional Event in Atlanta, Ga with Gloria Mayfield Banks, Pam Shaw and Dr. John Maxwell.  Set is about Leading yourself and Leading others. 

Set 1 Includes 5 CD set of sessions:
Cost: $69.99!

Announcing New..
Gloria on red couch

Align, Expand and Succeed is a entrepreneurs guide to realizing your ultimate potential as a conscious businessperson.
Each chapter reveals a truth that shows how the world of business is changing.

Its My Now

It's My Now..........
Speakers Pamela Shaw and Angie Onianwa

Learn how to eat healthy with their "iEATfit" plan.

CD:  $25.00

A Woman with a Man Besider Her is Dan Madson's new book -- a humorous handbook for husbands.  His stories will encourage both husbands and wives as they seek to find balance in a very busy world.  Dan says, "My hope for you is that after reading this book, you will better understand the importance of dreaming, planning, and working together."

Papercover. Size, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches
104 pages
Published 2006